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Decoration budget what is the most important

Renovation budget is the key to saving money in the decoration, only count details can be put at ease. Whether it is the choice of decoration materials or purchase, or a decoration company in the choice and design of optimization, these are renovation budget, special consideration should be given to it was to control the budget, don't spend money. In decoration budget, however, there are a lot of traps for these to be sorted out some recommendations, and I hope to help.


1, many decorators throughout the decoration in the pretext of buying building materials much "money pit". For decorating the owner make this suggestion all the decoration company for the purchase of the main material, to indicate the main material of the brand, size, grade, model, so that the owners can compare the quality of the material and in the meantime, DPM must clearly marked, preferably in the itemized details in the table marked.

2, accessories and decoration company "profit". Some accessories in many places to decorate, decoration companies here, there is little, all small in amount, but does is not a small sum. In this case suggest that the owners are demanding consolidated materials.

3, normal standard decoration budget table should contain the main materials, auxiliary materials, labor, project. Another budget to budget, process description, material specifications and acceptance criteria. Contain special instructions, owners should pay attention to the special process whether to charge you extra.


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