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Hotel decoration design detail summary

Details, hotel rooms

    1. room floor the best material resistant to water and dirt, because some guests will open the bathroom door shower or wash your hands so that the water will splash out or by the guest's hair out;

    2. don't make noise opening or sliding wardrobe doors, track use of aluminum or steel. Because the noise is often the hinge or deformation of the slide;

    3. the prevailing open closet door, closet light comes on in design techniques, in fact, this is dangerous, closet lights the best independent of control switches, or you'll leave a fire or shock hazard;

    4. safety deposit box in the closet, not to design is too high, full squat to guest use is appropriate, don't design in Bend, or guest get tired while in use;

    5. Pier-best not to design on the doors, because the mirror will add weight, and less light when the door opened, and a long time, can also cause deformation of the door, mirror the best design on the wall near the door in the bathroom;

    6. mini bar (wine cooler) boiling water outlets don't get too close to the surface, the distance must be at least an 50-60cm, or inserted into a socket, as the end of the socket lines is hard and no bending is not in use;

    7. to use anti-fogging of the mirror after mirror, because boiling water will produce fog;

    8. Ceiling lamps use energy-saving lamp with frosted glass cover, so will not produce glare.

Second, bathroom design

    1. hotel bathroom ceilings in many selection of waterproof gypsum board, but we recommend the use of aluminum sheet surface rust or other waterproof material.

    2. access to waterproof a stone plate is under the floor of the bathroom so that toilet water to flow into the room channel;

    3. choose the pumping force silent toilet, shower facilities not used are too complicated, and select guests common and easy to operate machine, because it is too complex or too fancy, guests will not use or improper use and damage;

    4. toilet with shower glass room, be sure to use safety glass, glass door best with dogma, waterproof leakage, can make the glass door opened more soft and comfortable;

    5. basin mixer tap water not too much momentum, to use soft water, the faucet out of the water is wide, if the water is too large may splash onto the guest's clothes, causing inconvenience and discomfort;

    6. anti-fogging of the mirror and mirror, because the toilets are usually small, as a result of specular reflection, make the space appear visually and psychologically comfortable. Bathroom using mirrors to unexpected results;

    7. bathroom tiles to anti-slip resistant stains. Floor tiles and wall tiles on the outside edge of the last white or any other color waterproof glue, nowhere to hide and let the dirt;

    8. telephones to be placed in the bathroom between toilet and sink, shower water so as not to be washed;

    9. mirror lamp anti-glare devices, ceiling down lights in the middle of the best selection of frosted glass cover;

    10. the bathroom door and door liner from 2cm place to do waterproof design, can actually stone or sand for steel finishes;

    11. shower floor to do non-slip design, bathtubs can also be used with slip bathtub, mat is required.


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