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Decoration Feng Shui colors knowledge

Feng Shui involves a wide range of decoration, general care home Feng Shui, people will pay attention to this, it also does not understand, Feng Shui masters to be sure. However, many people tend to ignore the metaphysical decoration Feng Shui colors knowledge and home color relationships. Master the following combination of decoration Feng Shui knowledge, families can be avoided, everything bad.

effect of color on human physiology is very, reasonable color blending can make people happy and good life, working efficiently. Home is the place where we rest, home color blending, directly affected the way we live and work. The defence look book: "Chen hsiang uber, first appears in look. "Means House of fortune, first of all, judging from his look, like traditional Chinese medicine" palpation "four laws in order to" look to "observe human health or not. Determine if a House is thriving, first from the main tone and color, see if they conform to the five elements of life; Shun JI, is not suitable is not prosperous.

people tend to think: noble red festivity, yellow, green and comfortable, white, clean, dark and mysterious, blue serenity ... ...

in fact, different colours have different meanings in Feng Shui and impact, the use of its for your own good luck, otherwise could backfire. So some simple home Feng Shui colors knowledge, is necessary for us.

the following introduces some basic decoration Feng Shui colors knowledge.

1, ivory color best in white, ivory, white, the three colors of the optic nerve with people most suitable, because the sunlight is white series, the light, the human heart. Eyes also need light to reconcile, and white the best configuration of furniture in the House, white series represent hope.

2, pink

most big fierce color pink, pink often leads to family members in a grumpy mood, easily lead to couples, spats, and wrong. Especially for newly married couples, in order to adjust the new atmosphere, new room arrangement full of pink, but with shades of dissonance, over a period of time, two people will have a strange fire, couples often fight, finally divorce of no return. So when decorating, try to use this color.

3, red

Red is the lucky color for the Chinese, but too much red in your home is also a burden for our eyes, in fact, red is very easy to make a person feel irritable, so the home colors of Red can be used as a match when a few tones, not as the theme colors.

4, yellow

House paint in yellow, stuffy, and hot, uncomfortable, there is a sense not say surprised, worry about, so to brain consciousness is filled with multiple layers of illusion, neuropathy is very sensitive to this color.

5, Orange

home use Tangerine, although it will make the whole room is full of vibrant, very warm feeling, but using too much orange, also makes people tired of feeling.

6, green

Green furniture at home more, but will make the whole family members will down. Eyes should be green, but green here is nature's Green, rather than the deployment of artificial green, therefore it will cause a dead in the bedroom, the entire family dead.

7, dark blue

dark blue paint at home, young people will feel very fashionable, emergent personalities. But over time, Yin in heavy, depressed and less safe.

8, purple


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