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Decoration and Interior colors Feng Shui

Renovation and decorating color Feng Shui decorating colors first, the Feng Shui requirements, also note that folk.

from the basis of analysis of Feng Shui, on interior decoration and color matching, the material selection phase should be based on the five elements represent health and consistency of tone is the best, you should try to avoid color of each square.

half of life is spent time in the home, residential home is the small universe of people's lives, the decoration color will affect the residents in all aspects of development.

since ancient times, the Chinese auspicious color to red, warm, pleasant, good luck, strength, etc;

yellow is bright, a symbol of authority, longevity, this can be from the Imperial Palace in the clothing and decoration of the Palace reflected on the color (as decoration of the Palace's main colours used are yellow and red to indicate nobility and authority), Orange represents the divine and Supreme.

green represents life, the spring, the quiet and fresh, is commonly used in interior decorating color, equipped with a green carpet and bonsai, can make people relaxed and happy.

white and black in the minds of our people, sad and dull, in terms of customs, beliefs, taboos have scruples.

Feng Shui about yin and Yang balance and so on in indoor decoration color and consistency requirements and features of the room and avoid rushing, gold, wood, water, fire, soil is five lines each with white, green, black, red, yellow corresponds to, as a symbol of good luck, XING g as fierce.


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