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Why the decoration of the hotel environment design

Application of color harmony Hotel design, hotel design project as a whole, is not a big project, and difficulty of its decoration is relatively low. But as user experience and branding design perspective, the hotel hosts carries the experience of consumers and therefore may pay attention to.

through the balance of colors to achieve a visual effect is a method of using, after blending the color becomes a harmonious, can adapt to people's visual range, and enables the hotel to create a specific atmosphere of decoration. Decoration company, Harbin will explain to you the practical application of color in the design of hotels:

1, the same tonal harmonic method

hue has a wide variety of classification methods, divides according to the intensity, can be divided into light and dark; according to purity, can be divided into fresh tones and dark tones according to color, can be divided into warm and cold colors. In Harbin generally adopts a tone as the main colors in the decoration of the hotel, others as complementary colors. In the decoration made with Lavender-tone, walls, curtains and other used lavender, carpets with pale rose, hotel furniture in gray and white, together with green plants, the entire hotel will tend to cool. If the decoration hotel interior decoration of wood as the main material, the tone with brown or yellow, all kinds of accessories in red or yellow will be decorated spaces throughout the hotel to warm.

2, neutral color isolation method

in hotel design and decoration in black, white and gray called a color, can also be called a neutral color. All colors in color and they are reconciled. Therefore, the renovation works in the hotel, such as when it comes to painting, in two colors with the neutral isolated, two opposite colors cannot be direct contacts so as to achieve mixed results.

3, harmonic law of the same color

when it comes to colors in the decoration between the intense excitement and make people uncomfortable when Visual, you can choose a color mixed in with them, to change their purity and brightness, so that both sides get the same color component, so as to achieve a harmonious range of color, decoration company in Harbin has many classic works in this case for reference.

as with grey harmonic, both joined grey Hou, purity will reduced, will is more of harmony; with black harmonic, can reduced both of purity and brightness, weakened on human visual of irritation; with white harmonic, makes both of purity are reduced, but can improve they of brightness, to reached need of harmonic effect; this species harmonic way is some Beijing Hotel decoration company in engineering decoration in the used up of a harmonic way; with between tones and, as Zhu red and grass in with will produced strongly of feel, Joined colors is joined yellow Hou will formed their of color, is on compared harmonic has; with primary colors harmonic, both joined with a primary colors Hou, on equivalent Yu colored light as in different color of objects Shang, change has they original of hue, will brings new of feel, enhanced has harmonic sense; selection what method for harmonic to according to hotel of overall environment and the decoration style also decided.

West China decorative stick "being a decoration tree a case example" service concept, we believe, do each item, can not only win the recognition and support of customers, can improve their strength and brand awareness, here, we only create a classic decoration to reward our clients.


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