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Hotel hotel room decoration design knowledge

Hotel design is about focusing on upscale and comfortable, especially bedroom design in the design of the hotel, but also to give guests a feeling of family, room decoration, color scheme and style of the hotel is very important, here the hotel design bedroom decoration matching skills.

one, steady tones to create a taste of the Orient

the bedroom with an Oriental mystery style, can then be used by dark wood building materials combination red, here is the dark red walls of the bed on a dark wooden flooring mix, with the color shown Oriental style, but also a comfortable sleeping space.

Second, color conversion space expression

eucalyptus bedroom space to display the main characteristics of the modern, here on the walls of color select the use of bold Royal Blue, matching up the decorative wooden furniture, with style and casual nature with Visual effects.

three, use bedding to create spatial expression

If in a hotel when decorating on a budget, proposal software to start in order to create a style of approach. Designer pick red bedding here as the main focus of Visual presentation, wanted to change my style, just pick the bedding can be reached.

four, use wallpaper to Create bedroom colors

here in simple modern style, bedrooms doesn't have to use a single color, like wallpaper in the bedrooms are paired with different colors, two walls with different expressions, enhance the sense of space is more abundant.

five, create neutral gray and neat effects

in order to make sense of space with natural simplicity of texture, here on the bed walls grey wallpaper for the main choice of material, through the neutral gray, on the one hand and create a comfortable Visual effects, but also echoes the sense of modern space.


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