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Hotel decoration how to highlight the decoration will learn lessons

Hotel decoration design design are determined, to entities of the enclosed space, design, space design to realization.

Interior interface design, refers to the enclosing and dividing the space of entity specifically designed, that is, based on its limited space requirements and the surrounding and permeating the different needs, to design an entity in the form and the degree of permeability and according to design requirements, to design a solid surface material, texture and colour and surface decoration design. Interface design has a direct impact on indoor environment creates an atmosphere, is the most important part of the overall environmental design. The meaning of it is not just the General interior surface treatment, more important is how the whole atmosphere combining design, space design to further implement and deepen.

hotel decoration design interface

a. Decoration of the hotel create an environment that embodies style, and create an environment

walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, railings and other interface is composed of a main part of the dining room environment. Therefore, the interface shape, color, texture, the interface of artistic and decorative, directly affect the indoor to let the effect and atmosphere. Interface is the carrier of expressing ideas, also the carrier of a certain style. Intent of the different ideas, different style; ship dining environment, there will be a different combination of space and layout, are bound to have different Layout and interface design. Different forms of interface to create different moods, different styles of dining. Therefore, the designer interface design can create a certain conception of environment and reflect a certain style, you can also create a specific atmosphere, unique restaurant, guests enjoy delicious food at the same time to experience the unique culture of dining.

II. Space and space

dining space depending on the requirement and interest need in space, often with walls, partitions and other interface to separate, enclosed, making it a diverse class of dining space, and ingenious combination. For example, a large space of the restaurant often require use of non-load-bearing, also has a strong artistic characteristics of walls, partitions to divide space, thus forming the patchwork, size, balance, open and privacy combined with the combination of multiple spaces. These interfaces in addition to outside the walls, partitions, there could be a reflection screens, curtains, mirrors and consists of green surrounding and other forms. Hotel interior design takes the form of GER in large space enclosed in a small space, small room, making the environment more rich flavor. Using a mirror interface, divide space, also visually expand the space.

hotels in Chinese-style dining space interface decoration, traditional Chinese style should be used. Redwood is more commonly to tone, color landing, style dignified and elegant. Rendered in duplex caisson ceilings often carved and decorated with lanterns to match.

hotel decoration design of different nationalities and different regions have their own cultural identity. Interface design to be processed through a variety of means to express and strengthen the characteristics and style of the restaurant.


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