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Hotel design space definition

Contemporary hotel design under the influence of information networks and media, design culture to be shared world culture, its forms affected by the increasingly complex and ever-changing customer needs, added cultural theme, personalized hotel will become the mainstream, the designer's understanding of culture and art and personal improvement of overall quality, is necessary to promote the hotel design process. Blend of Chinese culture in the hotel room, setting off the new Oriental Hotel design trend, making it the Hotel International design-led, is our goal, it also is a common complex of Chinese designers.

today visitors and operators is more knowledgeable, more critical and more desire, they stay at the hotel, whether for business or tourism, hotels want to experience local culture, environment to obtain different customs cultural, informative and training quality. This shows that the hotel should be a "Palace of culture and arts", integrating arts and culture into the hotel room, which has a unique culture, to attract more guests, is a designer to do early in the planning of lessons.

frequent business and tourist resorts, hotels of the world became the world's largest industry. Hotel space design has attracted attention. Space to make the arts and culture into the hotel with a high level of charm to attract different customers around the world, and making it more commercial value, designers worked tirelessly, as a new subject of study.

1, cultural location makes the hotel different cultural topics

culture refers to the hotel system of ideology, culture, values, management model, business philosophy and the sum of material culture. Every successful hotel, hotel culture reflecting their unique, individual and the spiritual world. The cultural orientation of the hotel on the hotel itself natural environment, national history and cultural environment, identity, politics and economic background of the times, art, color, operating characteristics, and so on. Understanding the cultural background behind each factor can decide the hotel design theme.

culture reflects different country, splendid cultural heritage of different nationalities is one of tourism tourists eager for knowledge. National culture determine the theme of the hotel, not only to attract guests and carry forward traditional culture, maintain the innocence of the local culture, culture and arts in sustainable development has been extended.

also the cultural landscape of history and culture, celebrity history, is run through a country for hundreds of years, thousands of years of culture, or visit the economics, politics, philosophy, art and other development leads. Number of foreign tourists traveling to a place, mostly in search of history, places of interest. If the hotel allows guests to feel the atmosphere of this cultural heritage, will leave a deep impression, and also because the theme clear and to the world.

natural environment by hotel by at of city or area decided, as around for modern city or beach, and mountain scenic, and Prairie,, hotel of connotation will with these natural environment of different and modified it of design theme, let hotel into around environment, let guest from hotel of atmosphere to building of Visual are feel to geographical to people of inspired, culture art elements of joined, can increased its far-reaching, with regional personality features.

to times for the location of the hotel is based on the social, political, economic, scientific and technological development characteristics or a significant event to establish the theme of the times, is of great importance, the people most. Active image and connotation of the spirit of the hotel, is decisive, it has a nostalgic feelings, let people revisit places, history.

2, the hotel arts and cultural atmosphere of the space through the use of different materials, lighting and decoration of art to complete

will be to integrate arts and culture into the hotel room, subject conception different, also diverse ways of expression, through the hotel's name, theme attractions, display, design elements, can make people appreciate the charm of culture and art.

after determining the cultural theme hotel, followed by a different decorative materials, light construction, furniture, art decoration ornament to complete interpretation of the subject. As determined in a hotel for a taste of the Orient holiday style, with Oriental culture as a theme, with beautiful colors, metallic luster textured material, traditional patterns to extract elements, lights out photos hint at, creating a mysterious and unique Oriental charm. With romantic, classic culture to create spaces of the hotel.

literature and art have a wealth of stories, words, vocabulary, they contain profound meaning, give the hotel the expectations will express certain concepts of society. This hotel is easy to be accepted, and also reflects the spirit of the hotel itself. Such as the world famous hotel, meaning paradise, full of poetic, exciting.


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