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Winter decorating sense

&Nbsp;    due to renovation construction engineering quality in varying degrees under the influence of climate, in people's concept of inherent  winter should not be decorated. In fact, winter decorating has incomparable advantage than the other seasons, such as winter air is dry, paint dry faster, reduce the adsorption of dust particles in the air, brush effects such as color, quality and taste of wood in the water rate reached its lowest level in a year, renovation can basically prevent cracking and deformation phenomena. So, as long as the technical control problems in winter, winter would be an opportune time to decorate. &Nbsp;

for different climate, different construction techniques and programmes should be adopted, so that the climatic characteristics of winter decoration construction and give full play to its advantages. Shichuang decoration company's professional and technical head of the research team told reporters that the traditional winter decoration should resolve problems that can occur in winter, such as carpentry, sewing, PuTTY scraping is not too thick, wall and floor tiles warm before they are posted. At present, many decorating companies have rolled out a feasible solution, also after three years of effort, using 12 kinds of technology solutions, 120 model test comparison, sorting out the success of many scientific construction methods.

according to its introduction, prior to construction, the influence of temperature and humidity on the materials and processes to varying degrees, decoration company with humidification, heating equipment in the field, adjust the construction site and environment, to meet the technological requirements and on wood, tiles, paint and other materials are classified and closed three days later in a State of constant temperature and humidity to be constructed. Finished with three days of indoor and outdoor ventilation, careful observation there is no unexpected changes. As long as you pay more attention to common problems in winter, we can guarantee the successful completion of the home.  

       deformation of the wood

Solution: the primary material used in decoration, especially timber, 3-5 days of indoor heating equipment need to be planted in order to evaporate due to the variations in temperature and produce water. To do is to let the moisture content of the wood close to the level in the House, to avoid deformation of wood in the decoration.

veneer cracking solution: decorative panels shipped to site, use dry towel to wipe dust, brushing the varnished back twice in a row. All decorative Panel should be flat, the bottom pad is a large circuit board, top is a large Board, unable to stand, so that you can prevent Panel cracking and warping.

wall cracks

Solution: not dry brush paint PuTTY, walls easily "sweats" even large crack, Windows open for ventilation, preferably between 10 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. During this time the temperature is relatively high, can prevent new Putty to freeze. First time after the PuTTY to dry completely, and then approved a second PuTTY. After the second PuTTY dry completely, then carefully polished with sandpaper.

cracking plaster line

Solution: plasterboard operations, the moisture content of the wood joist must be below 12%, and keel must be strong, can appear a little loose so that you can prevent the plasterboard ceiling cracks. Gypsum Board, gypsum board joints between the wall between places, leave a gap of about 0.5 cm, seasoned with plaster and LaTeX caulking, then double up kraft paper, puttying, prevents cracking plaster line.

paint effect

solution programme: if met Shang Gale cooling weather, should not be for oil work industry, because winter sand larger, paint and paint not dry Shi easy attached dust, should note select no wind of weather for brushing, guarantee paint Shi coated of environment temperature not below 5 degrees Celsius, varnish Shi coated Shi of environment temperature is not below 8 degrees Celsius, should strictly according to products description in the of temperature Shi coated. To prevent grains of sand falling on the painted surfaces, you want to close all Windows and doors.  

improper joints

Solution: winter decoration, door, window joints should not be too small, so as to avoid tense summer thermal expansion, doesn't stay closed. Putting in hardwood floors, to set aside about 2 mm joints around, furniture, you also need to set aside 0.1 mm left and right of the interface, and joints in floors and walls with floor layering form transitions, can better deal with the disadvantages of wall and floor gap is too large.

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