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Feng Shui living room decoration will know details

In terms of Feng Shui at home, living room Feng Shui related to the family's fortune and the harmony of family relations, it is for the event is overthrown. Will teach you the following 74 strokes to improve living room Feng Shui, decorate to look before.

North, career, black and Blue  

check the north direction of the living room arrangement. North represents career, water lines, color blue or black. Items placed in this position is a water dweller career help, such as fish, landscape, water, etc. Or placing black metal jewelry can, because Jin Nengsheng of water.  

fame games, red  

layout good Feng Shui can bring their families just south of Fame and recognition, in particular responsible for the livelihood of their parents. South line fire, like to use color is red. Suitable for hanging picture to Phoenix, the flamingos or the sunrise. Red carpet or red wooden decor (wood fire) are all right. Installation of lighting in this position can increase Fame Games. If you have to set the mirror in this location, be sure to put a small mirror because the mirror of water, fire and water, bad for fame fortune.  

Go East entertainment, health, green  

  were Oriental influences the health of occupants. In this area of lush vegetation can promote family health and longevity. Item or landscape water also helps, because wood can raise the water.  

Northwest, elegant transportation, white  

strengthening the azimuth in the Northwest of the living room, help increase the elegant movements and interpersonal relationships. The region of gold, so suitable for displaying white, gold or silver metal ornament, such as sculptures made of metal or metal base with round white lamp and a lamp. With a red rope string of six coins or flying the six-string hollow metal wind chimes can also attract people luck.  

Northeast, Wen Chang Yun, yellow  

  When a child was about to take the test, it is best to note the direction of Feng Shui layout. Dependent territories in the region, like to use color is yellow and earth tones. Ceramic vases and other dependent territories of items suitable for use to enhance the region's energy. Natural Crystal is also very effective.  

the Southwest, peach blossom, yellow  

   If you want to promote marriage or love horoscope, then living room this position is most important. SW position dependent, catalytic method identical to the Northeast. Drop chandelier style lamps here can increase energy, promote relationship harmony; natural Crystal and family photos have the same effect.  


   main color is not a Feng Shui layout of main factors of the living room. The most important thing is the pattern and five grams of energy balance. Relative orientation of the whole House but according to the living room to choose the right colors, Feng Shui points effect. For example, the living room if they are located in the Southwest or northeast of the House, yellow if is located in the Southeast or East, Department of applied green; North, blue; in the South, red; or West is located in the Northwest, white, silver or gold.


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