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Hotel decoration design aspects

The decoration of the hotel is different from general building renovation, the hotel as a traditional service industries, on the style and decoration of the hotel design will have the corresponding requirements. Traditional hotel lobby in the pursuit of a spacious, gorgeous, quiet, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, but now more and more hotels are starting to take advantage of the lobby space, a variety of business activities, in order to "every inch of land to dig gold in the hotel" business philosophy.  

Hotel design is different from General home improvements, mainly has following several aspects requiring attention:  

first   Hotel rich cultural connotations. Higher grade hotel caters to all kinds of cultural conservation needs of customers, this hotel in d├ęcor when you need to study carefully the audiences, to develop an appropriate style of decoration and renovation program.

Secondly, the decoration of the hotel is a large project, so hotel in the choice of decoration companies, designers, construction workers should be particularly cautious, examining the repair project quality of decoration and complete after-sales service commitment.  

Thirdly, the decoration of the hotel selection. Decoration of the hotel to choose the best decoration materials, so as to ensure that the quality of the saved up the decoration of the hotel expenses.  

decoration reminds of the company hotel, Harbin considerations other than the above three, need to pay attention to a lot of details, only the owners and designers through Exchange and communication, specifically discussing in the design and construction process to achieve the completion of renovation works.  

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