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Customer process
Dear customer:

Hello! Very honored to serve you, we are sure that your choice is correct, choose us you selected is assured. We provide design and construction services, here are our services:  


i. consultation:  

you came to we here, Hou we of customer service personnel will to you arrangements one professional of Customer Manager and you with communication, to makes we more in-depth of understand you of needs, please you will you of investment budget and the like of style. family members situation. love of color. function divided, requirements detailed of with Designer Exchange about, designer will according to you of requirements roughly of to you some preliminary of design recommends and the quotes Guide.


after a detailed communication, designer assigned to your site, in order to charge on your home, regardless of whether you have the original floor plan of the company, must be to the site survey, so you can fully understand your House and lighting conditions, and a review of the plane size, this design plays a vital role in the future.

III. design quote:   

our graphic design time limit is 2 days, starting from the date of the survey, and two days later you can programme the company-plane, we will give you two options for you to choose from, if you are dissatisfied with the program you can then communicate with designers adjust, we will ensure your satisfaction.

When you are satisfied with the programme, design please pay a deposit, we will be able to further refine the design, and gives you a 3D visualization and detailed   design scheme and budget figures, you have 7 days to company. Our design fees are 30-80 Yuan/squares, the deposit is 50%, if you are in our company, this part of the deposit will be accounted for in the project. Before drawing away is a pure design make up the balance.  



IV. Agency:   

1. the drawings and budgets approved, signed, respectively, the last decoration contract signed by both parties (Please read carefully before signing the contract the terms of the contract, if there are additional requirements shall be incorporated into the contract in text notes, the company does not promote oral agreements, so as to avoid unnecessary controversy).

2. contract signer must have legal capacity and contract seal. After signing the contract the parties must be in strict compliance with contract terms, if the company, customer permission defaults to bear the cost of this contract

v. contributions:   

1. after signing the contract with the project in three phases to clear: the first on the day the contract is signed, please pay the total cost of 50%;  phase II in the approaching 20th day after paying the total cost of 45%, has increased in the Middle before construction project funds in the company's financial engineering acceptance (before installation) paid 5% the balance of the day.

2. all payments to the contract specifying the Treasury, will be withheld from other employees not to admit.

3. after each amount paid to the Finance Department official receipt (stamped with the finance stamp), and keep checking for settlement.

VI. main material purchase, furniture Accessories:   

1. where, in the company's construction customers full free access to designers, accompanied by purchasing the main material and furniture accessories service

VII. construction:   

1. We welcome you at any time to check the guide during the construction period, if you have three days to our construction personnel will call the site inform you about site construction.

2. three times during construction of acceptance are: acceptance of concealed work, waterproof acceptance, test the water pressure, medium-term acceptance. Please be sure to show up on time to participate in, and sign it. Only after your confirmation, we can proceed to the next step of construction.

3. If you have any questions or problems during construction of advice and feedback to the project manager, such as the project manager to handle complaints when not satisfied with the results, you can call the company directly call:881234567,  as soon as we can for you to solve.

4. to ensure the smooth running of the primary material you provide in a timely manner, and irrelevant to the work for any you do not have to provide food and supplies.  

VIII. acceptance:   

after project completion acceptance is crucial. Your acceptance of the following items: furniture, Cabinet: straight line, sealed line, corner with dense, smooth panel interface, doors Cabinet drawers sliding smoothly. Electrical wiring: circuit must conform to the construction rules and security standards, socket not less than 30CM from the ground, socket shall be grounded and air conditioning line to line-laying, the total gate leakage protection switch is installed, the lamp securely.

floor: floor tile flat, small gaps. The wall: wallpaper paste is firm and tight joints, pattern, complete and consistent pattern, seam without edges neatly. Drainage facilities: water supply leakage, switch valve operations; unobstructed drainage, no leakage, water phenomenon.

paint: paint glossy, feel good, full, no nail holes, trace Sweeper, color. If you are not satisfied with the works of individual parts can be project leader reflects, we will promptly correct it until you are satisfied.

IX. the mating:   

after completion of project acceptance, acceptance of our staff will work with you to check the quantity, all items are calculated according to the number of actual, measured after you on the day of acceptance to the settlement company, you simply take all the money leasing, financial Department for processing.

our friendly reminds you that works balance not paid does not enjoy the warranty service

10. warranty:   

after the final pay, the company will provide high quality and efficient after-sales warranty service.

warranty period: quality problems within two years, the company free maintenance for you.

lifetime maintenance: after two years to collect materials, labor costs, does not charge management fees.

visit: we will take the initiative to understand your maintenance needs, listen to your comments and suggestions at any time.

our commitment is to your service will never stop.  

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