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Store design associated with the image of the city

Good commercial design for a city, and not only are people visiting the site, will also be a significant landmark. With the accelerating pace of the times, when they go out or ask for directions by car, has rarely mentioned a street, a well-known shopping malls, restaurants or hotels, it shows that commercial design in the are have made indelible contributions to the city. In a city, the commercial design may not be associated with the image is the name of a master, it may not be what a unique look, what we really need is to impress people by the details.

in order to cater to the city's development, commercial design, should be integrated into the city's cultural heritage. In Shenyang, for example, after a lot of foreigners to the city, not only to note that this is a city, in the past there have been many well-known stories, but it is reflected in commercial design. Like the forbidden city, a famous historical found stashed away, many people come to Shenyang, will be here to see, then outside the Imperial Palace, on the periphery of the malls get well, why? It's very simple, because an industry could lead to another economic, everyone to the city, especially a cultural heritage of the historic city, will want to take some souvenirs back, then around the store and Mall marketing, how bad?

in addition to culture, business should also pay attention to its usefulness on the design process. Gorgeous aesthetic design for commercial design are just external, without any practical for mass does not make sense. In a six-storey shopping mall, for example, in the design of public areas to highlight, especially with respect to channels and bathrooms. On the channel design should pay attention to and facilitate, in some stores, in order to attract customer's consumption, all the convenience channel is up and want to go downstairs can only go through the secure channel step ladder, some stores to make shopping convenient bathroom set up in the location is hard to find, this is the business of design defects.

commercial design for a city, and is probably the most favorable publicity pictures, but also many foreigners arrived in a city for the city's intuitive understanding. In view of this, commercial design is good or bad, not just to affect the returns of the investors, for the image of the city is also a very serious problem.

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