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Design lighting and furnishings in planning

For any space, lighting is very important. Engineering design company normally carried out for space design, will be conducted in accordance with the use of space capabilities to lighting design. As light in the model should be very warm and fashion design, and restaurant should be mainly romantic, in the lighting of hotel design to try to give people a sense of belonging, and so on.

first engineering company as a model for designing stylish and warm lighting. Sample room is a space of multiple areas in each separate area, the design of the sense and the brightness of the light is different. Bedroom, bedroom's main function is to live, lighting in the bedroom space should be softer, making it easier for people hard to rest. Design of the living room and dining room should be distinct from the part of the bedroom, especially the restaurant's location, in order to help them in the dining area you can feel everyday dining, restaurant to be brighter, and part of the living room, according to its main function, lights should also take a softer line.

in the design of restaurants, according to the different styles of cuisine, light of feeling different. Chinese restaurant in the to echoed Chinese window grid and other some decorative real of heavy sense, lights are to dark tones to rendering; restaurant in the to create romantic mood, and echoed some soft of line, lights of design should to soft, and warm mainly, let people in dining of process in the can feel to designers of heart; fast-food restaurants in the, to upgrade dining who of dining speed, design company will will lights of lighting degrees as strengthened, such also will more conducive to people for food of select.

in the design of hotels, public and private areas of the design is also different. Public areas such as the lobby, front lighting design with lighting, bathroom a more intimate area, lighting should be designed to give the feeling of low profile, people not feel inhibited in this space.

as a professional engineering company, upon receipt of a project at the beginning, should be directed to make a detailed analysis of the project, not only in terms of lighting, and the choice of furnishings and other aspects should be planned accordingly and give the customer a satisfactory answer.!

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