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Usage of decorative fabrics in Club design

Indoor fabrics included curtains. sheets. tablecloths. sofa masked. cushions. carpet. tarpaulin. umbrella cover. flag and so on. Is divided into two main categories: skills-oriented may be called practical fabrics, which is mainly for decoration decorative fabric.

here to introduce in the usage of some common decorating design fabric:

1, curtains:

curtains: curtains shielding, soundproofing, temperature, etc, useful and very decorative.

curtain material: can be used for curtain fabric is very wide, broadly speaking, forage, cashmere, thin materials and arrest of four categories of the nets.

styles of curtains: Curtains hung a lot of ways. Seen from the hierarchy, with simple and double. Seen from the opening and closing, there is a single flat, double amplitude, amplitude vertical and upper and lower vertical, seen from the accessories, set the curtains, curtain rods exposed, some hide curtain rods. From the open shape, some down, some became half-arc.

by design, apart from the fabric curtains, also used bamboo bead curtain, bamboo bead curtain can cover part of the light and landscape, and very good breathability, bamboo, rattan and bamboo bead curtain in harmony, make the space environment more rural rustic.

2, bedspreads and tablecloths

bedspread should be elegant, played the role of foil and foil, from this point of view, bedspread monochrome or, if there is a pattern, it should be as simple as possible. Sometimes, all the bedding bedspread cover can also be used, in this case, color bedspread can be fresh, patterns can also be complex, to highlight its relationship to the wall surface, ground. Table cloth's color is pale, and patterns do not too much and is too fragmented. Otherwise, it is difficult to highlight the tea sets, flatware and other decorations on the table.

3, carpets

carpet with sound absorption, good elasticity, low thermal conductivity, and other advantages, but also in its own color, pattern and texture to beautify the environment, rendering space atmosphere. Used to make carpet raw material other than wool, acrylic fibers, nylon, rayon, polyester and polypropylene fibres.

4, tapestry

tapestry is an elegant and beautiful work of art, it has practical effects such as sound and heat absorption. And with its unique texture and texture gives a sense of kinship with.

5, sofa hooded scarf

choose the sofa first masked strong, durable, secondly, to consider the atmosphere in harmony with the environment, in the design of leisure clubs, selected the shawl on the sofa to sofa shapes and masks based on the color, pattern and so on.

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