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Home improvement project six key stages of acceptance

The quality of home decorating projects, depending on the level of construction decoration company, also depends on the owner's acceptance and daily supervision if you are merely acceptance after completion of the works, then the overall quality of the project is not going to understand. So, owners should be at what stage system work? Below, a brief overview of major note acceptance stage.  

first, before you start the construction inspection

see if demolition project in conformity with the contract, whether there is a safety hazard, clean wall surface processing, quantity, grade, specifications of materials consistent with prior agreement.  

acceptance of the road for II, electricity

the second phase of the acceptance should be a waterway, a separate circuit of acceptance and consumer to professional hydraulic or electrical operation to check all the transformation line is clear, whether the layout is reasonable, whether or not the operation specifications, and reconfirm line improved the actual size. Only after the line better, PuTTY can move walls, puttying.  

third, according to the drawing to carpentry size acceptance

after acceptance in wood base finished third, at this point in the room ceiling and plaster line should be completed construction, kitchen and bathroom wall tiles has also posted good, but need to paint wall finish scraping PuTTY twice. Acceptance is very important for this stage, consumers should carefully check the drawings, confirm the dimensions of the various parts, if it is found to be inconsistent with the places, to notify team changes.  

four, carpentry quality acceptance

when fine wood veneer all good, wood line sticking nails after the acceptance of the consumer will be able to proceed to the fourth stage. The duration time in half of the time, this stage checks need to include a wood color and texture as well as a large area of flatness and gap is uniform.  

acceptance of five Oilers work quality

wood products after the completion of Oilers primer can begin work, and finish all tiles should be posted within this stage, this is the fifth stage in the stages of acceptance.  

six, after the completion of acceptance

in the final stages of acceptance is the most comprehensive and thorough. Consumers need to check the installation of skirting boards, sanitary ware and metal and wood finishes are in place, the wall, the top surface of the coating is uniform, electrical-installed Panel and lamp location is appropriate, lines are connected properly. In addition, the construction team will thoroughly clean the room of requirement before they can withdraw.  

acceptance period is not in actual construction, different families have different requirements for renovation, construction schedule will also be adjusted accordingly, based on the project schedule flexibility.

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