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Construction steps

An admitted preparing  

1.  to test for the bedroom. Flatness on top of wall, ground, and water supply and drainage pipes.  

2.  electricity, gas flow were detected, and record, delivered owner (agent) signature.  

3.  material. Bill of materials, coordinated with the distribution center.  

4.  staff scheduling. Construction personnel, and clear the site owner.  

5.  workshop and site layout. Show construction plans, construction of production requirements.  

Second, renovation construction process  

1.  removal  

removed: the case of structural procedures are completed.  

handling: ** of demolition and waste materials.  

clean up: construction site cleaning.  

  2. , electricity and gas engineering;

a. discharge of hot and cold water pipes and water supply equipment installation.  

b. power, electrical goods, telecommunications, lighting the line emission, determine the location loaded cassettes, line boxes switch socket location.  

c. emission of gas pipelines and gas appliances installed.  

3.  engineering   Mason;

a.   brick, curtain walls, doors and Windows;

b. Paint (water, sand and lime paper reinforcement).  

c. installing drying racks.  

4.  metal engineering  

a. aluminum alloy doors and Windows, PVC doors and Windows installed.  

b. anti-theft doors, Windows, installation of the canopy.  

c. installing drying racks.  

  5.  woodworking project;

a. production of wood products: doors and Windows, wall panels, corner line, kitchen, porch, ceiling partition and so on.  

b. soft furniture (wardrobe, bookcase Cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe boxes, etc).  

c. laying the floor, baseboard (Board). D. glass mosaic equipped.  

engineering veneer 6.   

paper walls, roof paper (cloth), the soft decoration making.  

7.  engineering   paint;

a. block, top Putty and paint the walls.  

b. sanding sealer for wood products. Paint.  

c. flooring, skirting (plate) paint.  

d. Paint latex paint on the top of the wall.  

8.  installation  

a. electrical switches, socket panel mounting, lighting installation.  

b. lock, the door bell.  

c. three-piece sanitary ware and metal fittings (faucets, SOAP jars, towel rack, tray, grab, mirror glass).  

d. fume removal of exhaust, water heaters, exhaust fan.  

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