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Acceptance of the new House

After getting the House, many people do not know how, some people think the inspection station have been and acceptance, acceptance superfluous from the owners concerned. In fact, in many cases, you not acceptance inspection, under the House, you have to. Just found the problem before signing, you will be more convenient to hold developers accountable.

as a layman, how houses? Of course, the items listed there, for acceptance of any type of House work, including acceptance of commercial offices.

1,   the wall.

don't know when to start, watching walls turn out to be the primary issue of home inspection. Even in a house built in the 1980 of the 20th century were not as delicate as now houses. The worst I've ever seen a house window leakages are found in the rain, I asked, knew the building all the Windows of the wall of water below. Met when the Typhoon came, it is scary, but more astonishing is that this was a District Land Office building, really terrible. Therefore, the acceptance of this, preferably in front of the House, visit the next rain on the second day. Walls if you have any questions at this time, almost no undetected.

outside of water, walls, there is a problem is the walls are cracked. Have a friend who has reflected his house has a door-shaped slits, later asked the developer, I realized that was left during the construction elevator freight, then time, careless handling so that the edge.

2,   hydro inspections.

first test if the water through. Of course, for some senior decoration, to replace most of the water and electricity late, so sometimes the content is not critical, but if you do not intend to replace the hydro, acceptance of these things had to be serious.

check wiring, in addition to see if they pass outside, mainly to see if wires in accordance with the national standard of quality. Then the cross-sectional area of the wire meets the requirements. Generally speaking, the home of the cables should not be less than 2.5 square and air conditioning line should reach 4 square, or using air conditioning, prone to overheating are soft. Of course, this is an ideal configuration, the wires will be one of the most civil level.

3,   waterproofing inspection.

waterproof here, refers to the kitchen of waterproof. Of course, the current delivery of the House, some had been declared not waterproof, which needs renovation. If at the time of delivery has been made waterproof, then we have to make tests on waterproof it. If you do not give it a try before decoration, then renovated again found leaking or something in you, maintenance engineering. You have to dismantle the ground already fully decorated to make a new layer of waterproof layer. Acceptance of waterproofing solution is: water sediment slurry be a sill blocked the door of the toilet, and then get a plastic bag covered with sewage/water intake, again tied to real, and then in the toilet water, shallow (about 2cm). Then downstairs after the 24-hour appointment to view the home toilet ceiling. Mainly the location of leaks are: floor leakage directly; pipes in contact with floor.

4,   pipeline inspection

tube in this context, refers to the drainage/sewage pipes. Its outlets such as balconies, acceptance, in advance to get a device holding water, and then pour water into the drain outlet. See if water flows smoothly. Why acceptance of it, because at the time of construction, there are some workers who clean tend to "steal"   the workers. Slag cement poured into drains away some if they cement a sticky, it will jam at the elbow, causing drainage problems.

there is also a, but with less of the acceptance of the. That is to look at whether the sewage pipes have water deodorize. According to experience, if the drain pipe is not deodorize water storage, the overall housing quality is playing more than the spirit of the. Why do sewage pipes need to elbow, elbow water so stink smell from a lower pipe is blocked under this layer. No elbows, laundry room and bathroom drains emit an odor. There may be development Chamber of Commerce argues that deodorant drain line, engineering practice, deodorant drain fall far short of the actual need. And because such a small place, tends to embody the construction quality of contractor.

5, flat inspection

actually, acceptance of the, for general users is difficult. Survey is to measure the farthest from the door interior floor with ground-level errors in the door. Check this often reflects the developer's construction quality. Because, as the owner, is virtually impossible to check the main structure. Then only from the quality of these details. Measurements if you took the trouble, then the method is very simple. Go to the hardware store to buy a small transparent hose, length of about 20 meters, and then filled with water. 0.5 m or 1 m off the ground at the entrance to draw a flag. And then transferred to the flag on the high water level in the pipe, and find fixed in this position. And then the other end of the hose to farthest away from the door Interior. And then burst in the heights, then do a logo. Then with a ruler, measure the height from the ground of this sign is. Both the height difference between the housing level. You can also use this approach and so on, measure the level of whole-House. Generally, if the difference is normal at about 2 cm, 3 cm in the acceptable category. If out of this range, you have to take note. I've seen the most serious level of up to 7 cm, measuring what I thought after I measured wrong. Work is a bit cumbersome, if your friends have the laser Swinger, the problem has been solved.

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