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Sanitary ware to buy

Baths type  

sanitary ware is an indispensable component of modern indoor facilities in the building. Necessary to meet the functional requirements, but also consider the new phase of the energy and water conservation.

materials for sanitary appliances, most used are ceramic, enamel cast iron, enameled steel, and terrazzo. With the development of building materials, has been rolled fiberglass, faux marble, faux Onyx, stainless steel and other materials. Processing technology of sanitary metal fittings, chrome plated, the development of high precision machining with various means to obtain beautiful shape, energy-saving and noise control of high-grade products.

a wide variety of bathroom appliances, but the common requirement is that the surface is smooth, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

domestic sanitary cleaning has the following:

(1) wash basins: can be divided into the hanging type, column, table three.

(2) toilet: can be divided into punching and siphon two categories. Can be classified by shape piece and split in two. Insulation and new toilet with bidet function.

(3) television: variety. -Bathing, bath, lying bath. Bath with toilet chassis. According to the function with bath tub and jacuzzi. Material-Acrylic Bathtub, steel bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, etc.

(4) shower: made up of door panels and trays. Shower door according to the material-PS Board, FRP plate and three tempered glass. Small shower area, suitable showers.

(5) the bidet: women only. Currently the home uses less.

(6) the urinal: men-only. Now use frequency increase in home decoration.

(7) hardware accessories: the pattern is different. Besides the above mentioned sanitary fittings including faucets, glass shelf, towel rack (ring) SOAP, toilet paper cylinder, shower curtains, mist-free mirrors, and so on.

Select needing attention the quality of ceramic sanitary ware. High quality sanitary ware glaze is bright and clean, glaze, gloss, eyeless, bubble removing uneven; hand percussion ceramic sound more crisp. Inferior ware often have trachoma, bubble, glaze, even with slight deformation, percussion sounds more dull.

the choice of sanitary ware should note the following points:

1. sanitary cleaning with selected   player, toilet, tub or increasing the bidet four grades and bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles mix color coordination.

2. Select reserved to figure out bathrooms before toilet drains are drainage is horizontal drainage.

3. when the how to choose a water-saving toilet, toilet water, not just by looking at the tank size.

4. how to distinguish quality of sanitary ware ceramics, high quality sanitary ware glaze is bright and clean, no flat Tong, color, eye of the needle and glaze and so on, struck with a hard object ceramics sound of ringing.

washbasin what type

many kinds of wash basin, generally have the following varieties:

angle-angle-wash basin due to basin covers an area of small, generally for small bathroom, toilet has more room to pass spin after installation.

General General decorative bathroom washbasin is suitable, economical and practical, but not beautiful.

standing washbasin suitable for small bathrooms. It can match with the luxury interior luxury decoration and other sanitary ware.

desktop washbasins and desktop-free washbasin suitable for large space decorated upscale bathrooms, countertops made of marble or granite material. $page$

according to the shower area to buy sanitary ware

first, the entire bathroom shades to lighter, colder, so that feels more airy, visually creating a space-expanding effect.

Secondly, ware choices than small, white and bone colors to tint color.

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