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How to choose laminate wooden flooring

At present, the composite wood flooring (laminate flooring) is one of the most common household decoration. But there are many brands and models on the market, its performance, price and other factors also vary widely. When selecting composite wood flooring, consumers often feel at a loss. To this end, we introduce you to purchase special attention in several areas:  

1, pick wear values. Abrasion resistance values are expressed in revolutions, revolutions, the greater, higher degree of wear, and higher prices. As home environment, abrasion resistance values of around 10000 RPM is enough. If you select a high abrasion resistance values, sometimes resulting in unnecessary waste.

2, and choose the tongue and Groove is straight. Complete degree of rebated directly relates to the life of wood flooring.

3, pick a color and wood grain. When choosing a color, wood grain, be sure to consider the size of the room, furniture, color, style and personal preferences. In General, rooms, you can choose a darker, wood floor of the complex. Room is small, choose a lighter color, wood grain and elegant point better.

4, pick the surface finish. Laminate flooring from the surface finish can be divided into: grooves, smooth type face, and so on. These varieties does not matter what kind of good, completely depends on your personal preference.

in addition, you should pay attention, because floors in the paving process will have some loss, purchase be sure to buy a few more blocks to guarantee the normal number of laying. Also must protect the corners in the handling process.

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