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Home improvement how long is safe

  Home improvement security

   1  the destruction of the building structure, bring hazards to the safe use of

 1. 1   the casual destruction of walls

 1. 1   the casual destruction of walls

    1. 2   damage to the floor structure

    1. 2   damage to the floor structure

   1,3   damage to the balcony structure

   1,3   damage to the balcony structure

   1. 4   damage to the bathroom, kitchen

   1. 4   damage to the bathroom, kitchen

   some tenants when choosing a bathroom decorative materials, do not pay attention to non-slip feature, that slip and fall injury accidents to occur. Some household changes in water supply and drainage facilities, leading to poor drainage, pipes through building leakage phenomenon, affecting both the floor structure and causes a lot of trouble to the neighborhood.




prone to vulnerabilities: marble materials fell off the wall


hidden cause: directly with the adhesive paste and wall, plastic easy to aging, caused the marble from the wall to fall off.


correctly handle


marble wall there are three general ways:




Second, wet paste. First a layer of steel mesh on the walls, concrete, wet paste.


third, paste. Paste dough paste is generally divided into points. Paste method is suitable for thin stone, thickness 8MM, weights and wall tiles, you can use Paste Special mortar. Paste using stone glue, some areas cannot be greater than 25CM, the amount cannot be less than 3-4CM, the thickness of the adhesive is above 0.5CM, this stone for slightly thicker.


pasted on the wall is very important, first of all if PuTTY in the concrete wall, you must first scraping PuTTY, directly attached to the concrete wall. Because of large deformation of the body wall, glue, if the wall deformation and changes in marble, caused problems.


Paste method is not suitable for bathrooms, bathroom with light walls, large deformation, and the bathroom is often wet, for a long time, rubber aging and accident-prone.




prone hazards: collapses or falls off the fireplace on the wall




at the time of installation, if the ground tilt outward, a long time, it will collapse. If the ground outside the high walls of the surface low, fireplace wall tilt, much smaller risk of collapse.


correctly handle




wood flooring on the wall on the top


prone problems: falling off


hidden reason: no planks fixed with a bolt on the side, and paste it directly.


deal: at the top or on a wall, lay the keel, wooden flooring and joists with nails nailed together, increasing rigidity.


floor tiles on the wall


prone to vulnerabilities: bricks from the wall to fall off




correctly handle: if it's concrete walls, can be pasted, but difficult to paste, so best not to use floor tiles on the wall at home.


prone to vulnerabilities: off


hidden reason: sticky powder plaster decoration, glued up using fast, fast Visco-flour + water + a long time, easy to aging, caused loss.




furniture and decoration


wall cabinets


prone problems: falling


hidden reason: fixed unreasonable




large furniture


prone problems: falling


hidden cause: if due to unstable ground, furniture area is too small or too narrow, furniture easily subvert the people






prone problems: falling


hidden reason: fixed is not reasonable




shower screen


prone problems: slide off


hidden reason: 1, Rails and fixing bad, cause sliding door rail shower screens falling 2, track two is no good, rails from sliding off at both ends.




large plants


prone to vulnerabilities: lodging


hidden reason: fixed is not reasonable




some large plants such as money tree, Ba Ximu, easy green lodging, attention to corners and walls are fixed.




prone to risks: loss, fragmentation


hidden reason: fixed is not reasonable, or by impact


deal: strictly fixed small pieces of mirror glass, the best placed in a place difficult to hit or hits.


floor to ceiling Windows


prone problems: falling


hidden reason: there is no safety fence




glass porch


prone problems: falling, crushing, bump


hidden reason: Fixed bad, a bit easy at a touch fallen or broken, or setting in the access points, the bump.





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